How it works?

Use our Community to engage, build knowledge and efficiently spread information.

At Cranberger we are also building a Community with the aim, of providing a knowledge center for our Members to engage and spread information among other members.

1Drill downUse the Community to stay up-to-date on new product launches and learn from other members blogs.
2Drill downBy joining existing Groups or creating a new Group, Members are able to organize other member around a common investment topic, to enhance and cooperate around building better knowledge. The knowledge gained in these groups are utilize to further develop and refine the segmentation and due diligence we perform on products, building a ever better platform for all members.

To summarize...

The above functionality is ready to use today, but at Cranberger we are continuously enhancing the platforms functionality. You as a member has the possibility to engage and tell us about what functionality you would like see developed, it is the members that are in charge.

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