European & US exposure through Minimum Variance or Equal Weighting available through Ossiam

Aug 24 2011

The new ETP provider Ossiam is a subsidiary of Natixis and has entered the scene with 5 new ETFs. The two ETFs Ossiam ETF STOXX® EUROPE 600 equal weight NR and Ossiam ETF EURO STOXX 50® equal weight NR follow the same investment strategy: each ETF invests in all the shares in its respective underlying index, STOXX® EUROPE 600 and EURO STOXX 50®, respectively. However, the securities are not weighted according to their market capitalisation as in the underlying index. Instead, each company occupies an equal proportion of the portfolio, which is normally 0.1667% and 2% respectively. This thus also results in a different weighting in the various market sectors.

The three other ETFs follow the indices of the Ossiam Minimum Variance series and give the investor the opportunity to participate in the performance of strongly diversified portfolios which are composed in a dynamic process. The weighting of the selected shares is set in accordance with an optimization process which creates high risk diversification and accordingly low variance. No company can exceed a maximum of 5% of the portfolio and no sector can represent more than 20% of the total