Horizons provide Canadian & US exposure with Extreme Event Overlay

May 31 2012

Horizons ETFs and its affiliate AlphaPro Management have launch of two innovative ETFs which aim to provide exposure to S&P/TSX 60 and S&P 500 Index, while providing protection from extreme, so- called “Black Swan” events.

Horizons Universa Canadian Black Swan ETF (HUT) and

Horizons Universa US Black Swan ETF (HUS.U) 

The two ETFs have been listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX).

Universa Investments will act as sub-adviser on the ETFs, charged with managing the tail risk via its proprietary portfolio protection strategies. Universa is an investment management firm that specialises in convex tail hedging and investing.

The products come in a common and advisor edition, the common charging a fee of 0.95% and a 20% performance fee, above their benchmarks.