RBS launches world first with CTA-ETF

Sep 17 2011

ETP: 17.09.2011 RBS launches world first with CTA-ETF
RBS Global Banking & Markets (“GBM”) has launched the world’s first Exchange Traded Fund (“ETF”) that tracks the performance of an underlying index exclusively made up of CTA managers. Called the “RBS Market Access CTA Index ETF”, it is trading on the Deutsche Börse in Frankfurt, Germany.
This latest ETF from RBS provides exposure to a well-diversified pool of CTA managers, including some of the world’s biggest CTA names, together with market specialists and smaller managers.
The objective of the Fund is to mirror the performance of the RBS CTA Index (the “Index”). The Fund will gain exposure to the Index by entering into one or more derivative contract(s) with eligible counter parties.
RBS Market Access CTA Index ETF