VelocityShares LLC launch 8 new precious metals ETN's

Oct 19 2011

ETP 19.10.2011: VelocityShares LLC, on the 14.10.2011, announces the launch of eight first-to-market leveraged and inverse precious metals related Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs) on the NYSE Arca stock exchange

All track S&P GSCI derived commodity indices, so we are dealing here with first generation indices, that roll the into next to deliver futures. The Palladium ETN is also the first to replicate a futures based index, other products are replicating with physical. 

UGLD - 3x Long Gold ETN

DGLD - 3x Inverse Gold ETN

USLV - 3x Long Silver ETN

DSLV - 3x Inverse Silver ETN

LPLT - 2x Long Platinum ETN

IPLT - 2x Inverse Platinum ETN

LPAL - 2x Long Palladium ETN

IPAL - 2x Inverse Palladium ETN


These ETN’s bring the Cranberger database to a total of 3382 product.

Johnni Nielsen